Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mama-bicycles everywhere

It seems like in Tokyo there are quite a few stay-at-home mothers who have at least one little kid to take care of. In fact, even though the trend has recently been changing, the traditional Japanese woman is usually expected to leave work once married/has children and this increases the number of stay-at-home mothers as well. In a city where driving let alone parking a car can be a huge hassle and most people use public transportation and/or a bike getting from point A to point B can be extremely difficult for a mother with two little kids. Enter the "mama-bikes"...

A mama-bike is very similar to your traditional (i.e. non-sports, mountain, etc..) bike except with two main changes. There is a seat for a kid in the back with optionally another seat in the front and the bike is more stable than average making tipping over harder. These bikes are literally everwhere during the day as the fathers are at work and the mothers are going out for shopping, et al. This one was in front of the park by my apartment.

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