Saturday, July 5, 2008

Humidity galore in Tokyo

Ok I understand it's supposed to be the Summer season now that the rainy season is over but come on - there is a limit to how much humidity the human body can possibly endure. Before going to the US and experiencing the humidity in Pittsburgh in the Summer I used to think Kyrenia was humid. And now this - Tokyo definitely tops Pittsburgh in terms of humidity. It's hard to explain how ridiculously humid it gets in words but just a few words of advice - if you ever come to Tokyo to stay in the Summer make sure you have access to an A/C where you are going to sleep. Without one, sleeping is almost impossible unless you are one of the rare people who can fall asleep in a sauna comfortably.


Betty said...
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Betty said...

um, can I remind you that you spent only 1 summer in Pittsburgh out of your 10 years there? :P So you prefer 1 month of extreme humidity in Japan or 2 months of moderately high humidity? ;)