Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ever wanted to save your progress on an arcade?

I know that one thing that I don't like about arcades is the fact that the experience is usually "stateless" - that is, every time you go to play an arcade game you always start from the same point no matter how much time and effort (and needless to say money) you spent on the game. There are some arcade machines that you can put passwords in and they remember your progress but that just makes it either harder for you by having you remember long passwords or easier for someoneelse who may go around try random passwords to use other people's accounts. Well, it looks like in Japan they found a good solution - enter Game Cards. Some of the arcade machines spit these guys out (for an extra 200 yen) and you can use them every time you come to play. The machine prints your info on the card and stores it in the magnetic strip... Ah, bliss...

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