Monday, July 14, 2008

Ever bought a "mystery package" ?

So this seems to be a popular trend in Japan in quite a few different types of stores including clothing, accessories and others. These stores offer "mystery bags" - each one costing one half or one third (at least that is what they claim) of the actual cost of items in them. Of course the catch is you don't know what you are getting but I guess there are enough people that try it out. It is an interesting business idea when one thinks about it - the consumer (presumably) saves money and you get to get rid of slow moving items while making small (presumably) profits. This particular example is from LonLon around Kichijouji Station (吉祥寺駅). The package also comes complete with a.. hmm... strange? poem in English:

Everytime I pass by, I stop by.

Everytime I look here, I find it.

Everyday I'm happy.

Inside are little pieces of happiness.

Even when I'm returning,

I'm smiling.

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Betty said...

US and Canada has this too, especially at back-to-school time but at holiday seasons too. Holiday seasons are like mystery gifts to yourself, you don't know what you'll get. For back to school, you get a bag of stationary, toiletry items (shaving cream, deodorant, etc.) and some candies at discount price. Yes, the bags are labelled "for boys" and "for girls". :P And the scents and/or flavours and/or colors/designs of some of the items differ.

That is a strange poem. "Even if you return, you're smiling." Sounds like even if you have to return to the store to refund something bad, you're still smiling.