Sunday, August 24, 2008

Yakiniku (焼肉) in Kanagawa (神奈川)

Yesterday we had our annual company BBQ at a small theme park in the Kanagawa called プレジャーフォレスト (which even though is not really written in English, it would be something like "Pleasure Forest"). The theme park is in a very green area about an hour, an hour and a half outside Tokyo by car using the highway. There is also a nice lake that is visible from a few places in the park. Apparently they offer cheap overnight accomodations as well in tents (about 25 bucks a night), log cabins (35 bucks) and deluxe log cabins (45 bucks). There is a swimming pool, a mini rollercoaster, a place for BBQs and picnics among other things but when the weather is as gray and misty it was a yesterday the whole place looks deserted, almost like a ghost town...

When I first heard the term BBQ, I was under the impression that we would have a traditional BBQ - you know, with coal etc and steaks and all. Instead we had these hot plates, with very thin sliced beef and vegetables. You grill the meat in the center, take it out and dip it in yakiniku sauce. This traditional way of preparing food is generally known as Yakiniku or literally grilled meat. The meat cooks pretty quickly and tastes pretty good too. Unfortunately it is a bit tricky to pull off at home.

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