Saturday, August 23, 2008

28 years old today :)

Well, today is my 28th birthday and apart from feeling a tad older I must say I am feeling a little strange as well - this is my first birthday in Japan. My parents, my sister, and my grandmother called but still that's a bit different right? Anyway, here is a snapshot of my cake. The Japanese confectionery stores are just amazing and this is an example of that. The packaging makes sure the cake does not get smeared in the box while they include a little cold-pak to keep the thing from melting... Nice.


Calais Pedro Family said...

Happy birthday! Sorry we are a little late wishing you a great day. Maria and Vasco

Ulaş said...

Hey there. Sorry I saw your comments a little late too :)
Hope everything is going well for the family and thanks for the note ;)

sevi said...