Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Singing and dancing at a temple on Sunroad, Kichijouji

Last Sunday was a pretty eventful day and this is one of the things I was lucky enough to experience. While walking around Kichijouji (吉祥寺), I heard sounds coming from a temple that I have never even seen people going into before - the temple on Sunroad (basically a covered street straddled by shops on either side). Curious, I walked in and saw a big crowd of people, lots of kids in yukatas and lots of adults too, dancing in a circle around a stage which had someone playing a traditional drum, an elderly gentleman singing and a lady in a yukata dancing. They also had games for kids where you can throw a hoop and try to land it on a stick to win the prize by the stick. It looked like everyone, especially the kids, were having a great time.

I know during this time of the year there are lots of celebrations at temples all around Japan with a few very big celebrations where all the temples in an area get together to celebrate with fireworks but apparently there are small celebrations like this one too. I am planning on attending a much bigger celebration soon. May be in 高円寺...

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