Thursday, August 7, 2008

Efficient parking, Japanese style

See I keep mentioning how there is a shortage of space around here (as if you didn't know) but one then might wonder where do they park their cars. Yes, the Japanese do use the heck out of buses and trains, and there are lots of "paper drivers" - people who have a driver's licence but does not drive - but that does not mean the Japanese do not drive. There are in fact quite a few Japanese drivers out there and couple that with narrow side streets and you get sheer craziness during rush hour. Of course these cars need to be parked somewhere and this is where one of the ingeniuities of Japanese design comes in. The parking lots of apartments are pretty small so what do they do? Well, they create more space - under the ground.

This particular implementation is from a building close to mine. Each spot is converted into three spots. Each person gets a key to the parking spot they are assigned to and when they put in their key and turn it they get the right level set. I think it's a great idea but I wonder how much money it costs to build one of these things. I am afraid Tokyo is one of few places where the cost of parking spot is actually more than the cost of building this thing.

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Betty said...

Yay, I am a "paper driver" too.
Hmm... is it scary though to get out of the car once it's that high up, without a fence around the parking spot? I'm guessing Japanese drivers are much more accurate in parking within the boundaries of their spot as opposed to North American drivers who have a tendency to park slanted.