Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tokyo places 3rd in the world for quality of life!

The folks at the UK based Monocle magazine (which claims to be focused on culture and living) chose Tokyo as the 3rd best city in the world for quality of life after Copenhagen (Denmark) and Munich (Germany). I have yet to see the magazine myself but the article is covered pretty well in other newspapers including The Observer ( The top 20 in the list are:

  1. Copenhagen (Denmark)

  2. Munich (Germany)

  3. Tokyo (Japan)

  4. Zurich (Switzerland)

  5. Helsinki (Finland)

  6. Vienna (Austria)

  7. Stockholm (Sweden)

  8. Vancouver (Canada)

  9. Melbourne (Australia)

  10. Paris (France)

  11. Sydney (Australia)

  12. Honolulu (Hawaii, US)

  13. Madrid (Spain)

  14. Berlin (Germany)

  15. Barcelona (Spain)

  16. Montreal (Canada)

  17. Fukuoka (Japan)

  18. Amsterdam (Holland)

  19. Minneapolis (US)

  20. Kyoto (Japan)

Last year Tokyo was 4th in their poll of "Most Livable Cities in the World" (

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