Thursday, June 5, 2008

Slow, rainy days

These days are going pretty slow; I guess the gray skies and the rain has a hand in that. The sky did open up a little yesterday and glad it did because me and a few friends wanted to walk to a nearby restaurant for lunch for a change (company cafeteria is distinctly Japanese cuisine though rarely there is an occasional spaghetti with a Japanese style topping). I must admit it sounds a bit strange when one considers the similiarity of food especially in the US between Chinese and Japanese restaurants but here the two are pretty different and we chose to go to a Chinese restaurant called "Dragon". The restaurant itself was not bad, slightly smaller than a typical restaurant though the line between small and typical restaurants is pretty blurry here and the food was decent but I think the price was a tad high - around 1000 yen for fried rice and soup set.

Oh another interesting thing happened yesterday night. After my Japanese class I ordered pizza from Domino's (yeah I know, not very Japanese but believe me the pizza is better, if more expensive, here) and it turns out the delivery guy, who is this young Japanese guy, actually speaks Turkish! Apparently he went to university in Turkey for a bit (probably some exchange program) and he recognized my name so he asked me where I was from (after apologizing profusely for doing something more than just taking the money and leaving) and he knew Cyprus! What can I say, the world is indeed a small place...

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