Sunday, June 8, 2008

Steak as fast-food

One does not usually consider steak and fast-food together (unless one considers Philly Steak I suppose ;)) but in Japan there is a fast-food chain specializing in steaks, called Pepper Lunch (ペッパランチ-, which actually is pretty decent and cheap. Today, I gave the branch at Kichijoji (close to the train station) a visit.

The whole process of ordering food to eating it is pretty streamlined. You order the food and drinks from a machine which gives you a ticket. Then you just go and sit down at the counter (there are no tables, just a round counter) and hand the ticket to the waiter/waitress who go and retrieve your food. There is no need to tell them how you want your steak - you cook it yourself anyway ;) They give you the steak cubed or cut into strips on a sizzling plate with veggies and you cook it yourself as much as you want. It's no Peter Luger's but if you are interested in getting a quick bite for a reasonable price this is definitely an option. I think I will definitely revisit.

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