Thursday, June 12, 2008

Making fresh Wasabi (山葵)

I have never been a big fan of wasabi (Japanese horseradish for the uninitiated) save for using a little tiny bit on sushi in the US. As it turns out here there is already more than that tiny bit in the sushi rice so here I use it even less if at all. However for many Japanese, wasabi is a key ingredient providing that little "bite" to what may otherwise be considered bland food. The typical serving of wasabi in the US, which was the only "format" I knew for wasabi, is like compressed green powder. In its home country however one can get, no no make that "make", wasabi fresh right at their table with the aid of a cute little grater in a few minutes.

This picture is from one of the nicer restaurants I have been to in Japan and it specializes in soba. In case you were wondering that is not my hand :P The restaurant and the fascinating nail designs of the Japanese women deserve their own posts so I will keep this about wasabi...

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