Saturday, April 12, 2008

Riding buses is about to get easier...

... at least in the case of Odakyu (小田急) buses. For me on of the greatest things in Japan is the ease of use of Suica (as I have said over and over again :P). Being able to pay for trains and busses using my cellphone is just so easy and effortless. In the case of Odakyu however, I had to scramble for 210 yen change. Given that most of the busses are Odakyu between my apartment and the train stations, this was a big big inconvenience for me.

Well, time to rejoice. It looks like starting in May, Odakyu is replacing the relatively old "charge stations" on their busses. See, all busses have these "charge stations" where one pays for the trip using paper money, change, pre-paid bus ticket or in the case of Keio (京王) Suica. The driver tries to help in guiding the passenger if he or she cannot figure out which port to use to pay. The new "charge stations" are as complicated as ever as you can see from the poster I saw announcing the change but that's part of the reason why I liked Suica to begin with and the new station has a Suica port ;)

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