Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Raindrops in Tokyo are falling on my head (and everywhere else...)

First of all - my apologies... I should have written this update yesterday but a case of Monday blues coupled with gray skies are to blame; not my laziness I swear ;)

Where was I? Ah yes... The trip to Inokashira Park on Saturday. I left off the best part as I said last time so here goes... After walking around the park with 桜井さん and his family, we paid a visit to 石垣さん who happens to live very close to the park in a house he himself designed. The house itself was apparently featured in a TV program for its design. From outside it looks like a typical Japanese house but inside the layout is extremely efficient, maximizing the space, the airflow (extremely open plan) and somehow managing to balance new (quite a few different pieces of hi-tech products installed inconspicuously all around) with the old (tatami/畳 floors for example).

The high-point of the day was the interestingly named "Miracle Fruit" that we had after the dinner (which I must add was exquisite. I also learnt a new word - apparently Suzuki is not just a car company, it also means "seabass".) Miracle Fruit is this small red, bean like thing that actually tastes pretty God awful. So why eat it you say? Well, it has this extremely weird "talent" - it actually makes one incapable of tasting the sourness of anything one eats for at least half an hour (typically an hour). The end result? We ate whole lemons which actually tasted pretty sweet :P Apparently it is completely safe (a cursory search on the web is enough to verify ;)) and believe me, a very interesting experience.

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