Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Credit card, bank transfer..., convenience store??

I think one of my earliest posts from Japan was about how one of the coolest things they have here is being able to pay for your utilities bills at convenience stores like 7-Eleven. Well, as it turns out the utilities bills are not the only thing one can pay for. Pretty much anything that you can order online, you can opt to pay at a convenience store. You get emailed a barcode just like this one I got for the A/C I am getting installed at my apartment and then just go to the nearest convenience store to pay. In some cases, if what you are ordering is small enough, 7-Eleven can receive the shipment for you and give it to you once you pay. In this particular case though, as an A/C tends to be rather.. ahem... big, there is nothing to pick up (hence the crosssed out box). Also, they can sometimes limit how you can pay the cashier (i.e. cash only) but it is still pretty convenient if you don't have a bank account in Japan or a Japanese credit card.

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