Thursday, May 15, 2008

Manhattan by the sea and Central Park

Ok, I think I was more than a bit hasty when I said New York did not look as impressive as before. It turns out simply Sunday nights are not the best nights to visit New York.

I went on a Circle Lines cruise which goes around the Manhattan island and goes by the Statue of Liberty. The view was great and the tour is relatively cheap (around $30 for about 2 hours). I definitely recommend to anyone who does not get seasick very easily. We had a pretty funny guide who was also very informative. Turns out he is from Pittsburgh originally and came to the city about 20 years ago for his Master's degree.

Today I went to the City again and Times Square was fully alive unlike how it was on Sunday. This is the NYC I know and love. We went to Central Park which was so beautiful under the sun and full of New Yorkers enjoying the day. Even though I had seen the park before I had never had a chance to visit Strawberry Fields or John Lennon's residence. The design on the floor with the word "Imagine" says quite a bit...

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Betty said...

Wow, you're getting really good with these panorama pics. Or are they just widescreen pics? They don't have that 'bend' in the middle like your previous panorama pics that throws the perception off sometimes.

Welcome back to US and Pittsburgh! :) You should make a post about Pgh, don't leave us out completely. ;)