Saturday, May 17, 2008

Back in Pittsburgh, in a bright orange Mustang

I spent 10 years in Pittsburgh and now that I am back in town for the graduation I find that not much has changed. In fact while driving around the town it almost feels like I have never left... Talking about driving - I originally had a convertible reserved from Budget but the nice lady at the counter gave me a free upgrade to a Mustang. Let me go on the record to say that a Mustang is a terrible car if you have more than two people and/or need to carry lots of luggage but otherwise it is a pretty fun car. I have been enjoying it for the last two days.

There is a lot to write about Pittsburgh - it is such a nice little city. Very green, relatively cheap, extremely passionate about sports, and of course home to my alma-mater Carnegie Mellon. It is also relatively quiet, full of students during the school year, and to me almost like home...

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Betty said...

Yay Pittsburgh! Long live CMU! Sorry, just had to say that after reading your post. :P