Monday, May 19, 2008

An inspiring "Last Lecture"

Today, at the graduation ceremonies I was lucky enough to witness more than one inspiring speech - Vice President Al Gore, founder of Jeff Bezos, and Randy Pausch who is a professor at Carnegie Mellon gave talks. Even though both Al Gore's and Jeff Bezos' speeches were great, Professor Pausch's speech was more.. special...
To put things into perspective - Professor Pausch has been with Carnegie Mellon for quite a few years. Before that he worked with Disney and at CMU he led the Entertainment and Technology Center under School of Computer Science where he has been extremely succesful. The problem though is that he also was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer last August and the doctors gave him only a few months to live. I guess this changed his perspectives on things and he gave this talk at CMU entitled "The Last Lecture". I was not around for the talk unfortunately but I did see the talk he gave today which was great. I did manage to dig up the original talk from Youtube though and it is definitely worth checking out. I am embedding it right below.

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Betty said...

All of CMU's commencement talks are online:

Al Gore's Keynote Speech

Randy Pausch's charge to the graduates

Jeff Bezos(Amazon) at the CS diploma ceremony

Randy Pausch's talk about passion is really nice. And it's not very long for those who aren't sure they want to watch an hour long video of his Last Lecture. Check it out!