Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Entering Japan with a re-entry permit

After a holiday that was not nearly long enough (but then no holiday is, right?) I came back to Japan today. The ANA flight from Chicago to Narita was pleasant with polite stewardeses and a more than decent entertaintment system with the only point of complaint for me being the leg-room though I think Emirates was a more pleasant flight. I am starting to think may be all those people in the business and first class know what they are doing. After the flight though I was pleasantly surprised by how easy it was to get through immigration when one has a re-entry permit...
There are booths specifically arranged for people with the re-entry permits - almost as many as the booths for tourists. This means very short (if at all) waiting time. Since the working permit and re-entry permit are self explanatory almost no questions are asked (not that many were asked with the working permit alone, entering the country for the first time, but still...) Unfortunately jet lag seems to be getting to me more strongly than when I travelled west but at least I managed to stay up till 11 pm - hopefully that will be good enough to make sure I don't pass out at the office tomorrow. Tomorrow, I will talk about another way to get to/from the Airport that I tried for the first time today - the "Airport Limousine".

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