Saturday, February 9, 2008

Yet another use of cellphones with IC - ViT

I have already wrote quite a bit about SuICa (and it's sister in Osaka, ICoCa) which makes life easy by letting you deposit money into an IC card (or a cellphone with IC) and use that card for paying for busses and trains as well as for shopping at certain stores. Well, capabilities of IC enabled cellphones do not end there. As the IC circuitry can be used for many different purposes pretty easily (at least that's the impression I got) a lot of different applications emerged. In the case of ViT, the focus is on movie tickets.

I go to Virgin Toho Cinemas in Roppongi pretty regularly (once every week or every two weeks) and they use ViT to let you reserve your tickets. Right after choosing your seats on their webpage and giving your cellphone number, you get an email sent to your cellphone with "tickets" attached. The attachment automatically launches the ViT "i-appli" on the phone and the application imports the tickets which means when you go to the movie theatre and flash your phone at the ticket machine (bypassing the waiting line) your tickets will be automatically printed out. The application is extremely easy to install and even for someone with primitive Japanese skills like me, directions were easy to follow ;)

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