Monday, February 11, 2008

Taking a crowded bus...

The busses in Tokyo, or at least in Kichijoji in particular (though I suspect this probably generalizes to whole of Tokyo if not to any big city in Japan), seem to not really have a firm limit on the number of passengers they carry at a time. While this does not usually cause problems for me (as I can walk from home to work and vice versa), weekend nights can be an interesting experience.

Take tonight for example - I was in Roppongi watching a movie at Roppongi Hills and by the time I was back in Kichijoji it was past 10 pm. For some odd reason the busses stop working earlier over the weekend save for one or two and past 10 pm there are may be only one one that goes from 吉祥寺駅 to popular stops including 三鷹市役所前 which is the closest stop to my apartment. The line for the bus was already reaching around the block by the time I made it to the line and I was thinking I would definitely have to wait for the next one, whenever that may come. However, to my surprise, they fit all of us in and even managed to pick up people at some of the stops. It definitely looked like people were used to this as noone made any comments with more people coming on and they all happily moved to the back of the bus, trying to take as little space as possible.

ps. I snagged the picture with my cellphone - that's why it is kinda long and thin since it follows the aspect ratio of the phone display.

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