Wednesday, February 27, 2008

More ways to order food

If you are an expat living in Japan, especially if you just moved here, one of the things you must be missing the most must be having food delivered to your house/apartment. For me this was a huge convenience that was lacking as I used to rely quite a bit on the delicious unhealthiness of the delivered food in Pittsburgh. This problem was made worse for me by the fact that I could not order food through the phone without thoroughly embarassing myself. I sorely needed a way to order food through the web so that I could take my time when I did not understand a word or a phrase as well as be able to use translation tools such as Google Translate ( or Babelfish ( As you might have read earlier the first of those sites that I found was the way to order pizza but one can have pizza only so often - even when what is offered is delicious seafood pizza on top of two layers of thin dough with actual mozarella cheese filling. Yum! But I digress.. The reason why I am writing this entry is to introduce the new site I found -

I found this website through a KFC flier I found in my mailbox one day. I am not entirely sure if that was targeted advertising me being a foreigner and all or if people actually like KFC enough to order it often enough here. Come to think of it I have seen enough KFCs around (slightly less than McDonald's in my experience) that I doubt it was targeted to foreigners ;)
The website offers so much more than KFC though and has the map of whole Japan in the initial registration so there is hope for people outside Tokyo too. There are sushi restaurants, pizza places (yes more pizza :P), other Asian and Western restaurants but also various services like cleaners, etc. So far I have only used the KFC but I will get to other restaurants as well I think...

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