Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kamakura sum-up

Ok, if I don't get back to this I will simply forget the details so let me try to summarize what is left - both in terms of what I have not covered on here and what I can remember.

One of the biggest attractions in Kamakura is the huge Buddha statue. I heard (and I could be wrong here) that it is the second biggest sitting Buddha in the whole of Japan (with the first one being in Nara 「奈良」). This place had distinctly more tourists than any other location in Kamakura on that day. If you are looking for it there are street signs and quite a bit of parking. They call it 大仏 - literally Big Buddha.

There are less known (and therefore less crowded) places to explore as well. Kamakura is host to many temples and shrines and some of the temples offer visitors traditional tea while sitting and gazing at a Zen garden. There is usually an entrance fee but it is well worth it. Unfortunately I seem to have forgotten the name of the temple we visited - 岩下さん, 原さん please feel free to leave a comment with the name of the temple if you remember ;)


こーた said...

Hi Ulas!
I always enjoy your blog!
The name of the temple we visited is 浄妙寺.
I like it and it is the best place of that day for me!

Ulaş said...

Thanks こーた. I am glad you enjoy the blog ;)