Sunday, November 4, 2007

Shinjuku (新宿)

I had a very nice post here about Shinjuku that I visited today... But of course my laptop had to be a complete idiot and recognize some weird mouse gesture as automatically going to the previous page. That being the case, I lost everything I typed. I am in no mood to type up everything again so here is the gist. Shinjuku:

  • Impressive government buildings they look like they were taken out of an anime movie. I read somewhere it is actually featured in some animes.
  • Not impressed that much with department stores

  • Yodabashi Camera, an electronics store chain, owns 6 buildings in a neighbourhood each one selling a different kind of product (one focuses on watches, another one on computers, etc.)

  • The station is linked to the government buildings by an immense passageway which had a lot of closed stores today. Must be because it was a Sunday.

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