Tuesday, November 6, 2007

My cellphone (Foma F904i)

I got my cellphone a few days after I came here. Compared to the cellphones in the US, it was extremely cheap (less than $200) with a year contract from NTT DoCoMo (ドコモ). I am sure there are lots of websites that explain the technical specifications of the phone so I will just mention the features I use:

  1. Mobile Suica: I use the phone to pay for trains and busses as well as just generally buying stuff at/around the train station. It also works with my laptop which has a FeliCa port (FeliCa ポート) and I can watch my transaction history on the laptop or buy items off the web using Suica.

  2. GPS: The phone has a GPS receiver and it retrieves the map of the location from Internet using i-mode.

  3. Synching with media player: With a USB connection, I can copy wma files from my library onto the phone. It has a microSD card and it can play the music.

  4. TV: Using the OneSeg technology designed for receiving terrestrial digital broadcasts on the move, I can watch TV on it. The quality is pretty good as the screen is of pretty high resolution and the digital transmission is of a high enough resolution. The problem here is that you cannot get reception everywhere. Around my apartment it is a little tough to get the reception (since it is digital there is either full quality or no quality).

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