Thursday, November 29, 2007

Around the apartment - water heater thingie

Yes, I know I do not post much during the week but I really do not get a chance. The work is keeping me so busy. Even though I am under "flex-time" I still go to work around 10 in the morning and come back around 6 pm in a pretty-tired state. So I thought, the least I can do is put stuff up about the stuff around the apartment that's -different-.

The water heater thingie is basically hooked up to gas behind the lines and the water heater. It is digital though so you just set the temperature you want the water to be and when you turn the hot water tap you get water at that temperature. Turning it on or off is also with a digital button so you don't have this lighting up a pilot, gas leaking, etc. You can also set a timer for the heating to turn on or off but it does not use gas when you do not have hot water turned on anyway.

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Betty said...

Wouldn't it have to be using the gas to keep some water at the selected temperature even when you're not using hot water so that hot water is available immediately on demand? Hmm ...