Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Garbage and recycling

Unlike Cyprus, or good-old Pittsburgh, throwing out your garbage is a very serious thing here in Tokyo. There are specific days for specific things such as newspapers or plastic products. People in Seattle were picky when I was at Microsoft but it was nothing like this. I actually witnessed two of my colleagues investigating a candy wrap to figure out if we can throw it out with the paper stuff or if I need to wait for a few days before throwing it out with the plastic stuff...

Man, I miss the "garbage chute" I had in Pittsburgh by my apartment. Any garbage, just toss it down the chute! Granted, not good for the environment but man, was it ever convenient ;)

(I actually took a picture of the actual Mitaka schedule with my phone but my super-duper phone does not have Bluetooth. It even has sending the images using iC but it cannot send to my laptop - my laptop's iC is only for transaction related things. The phone also has iR but the laptop does not and I am too lazy to go to the TV room to get the microSD to SD adapter)

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Betty said...

You should check out the trash station at a McDonald's or some fast food place. I bet it will take you a couple minutes to figure out what goes where - they have separate bins for the straw, the lid and the cup itself! Of course, the locals can do it in the blink of an eye. Don't get me wrong though, I admire that about Japan - so environmentally friendly.