Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New ID cards for foreigners living in Japan?

old-gaijin-card According to Daily Yomiuri change is coming to the foreigner ID’s we have been carrying in Japan. I think it makes sense to revamp these ID’s since they really are a bit outdated in terms of the security features and how they are updated. Basically the only security feature seems to be the reflective foil on front and updates, such as extension of stay, are done in handwriting on the back. Now, it does not take a genius to see how one might forge one of these things and get by as long as no one with access to the government computers checks. It is high time that we get cards with ICs in them. Japanese driver’s licenses, pre-paid cards like SuICa, and even some store membership cards have ICs so this is not exactly a big leap. The only hassle for us seems to be the requirement for going to the immigration centers for updates instead of just stopping by the city halls but now the details of the bill are hazy anyway. We will know better when it gets closer to passing…

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