Saturday, February 7, 2009

A little detail from Shibuya Station

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         I have been to Shibuya Station so many times and even though it is easily one of the most crowded places I have ever been to I was still surprised to notice something I have missed for more than a year now – a clock with an interesting poem about time on it. This guy is entitled “Bright Time” on the way to Ginza Line if you want to check it out yourself.  The poem goes:

On the loveliest of all worlds,
the splendor of sunlight
awakens the Earth
and rouses birds in flight.
Hear the flutter of wings.
Feel the pulse of time.

There is no signature under the English version of the poem but right above it is the Japanese version and the poet’s name seems to be 天津 恵 (Amatu Kei).

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