Thursday, February 19, 2009

Japan and small cars

P2070212 I don’t know if it is the lack of space (be it for parking or driving through the narrow roads in Tokyo) or the Japanese fascination with all things minute and cute but there is definitely a surplus of small cars on the streets of Tokyo. Most of these are Japanese made and some are two seaters but one can also see cars made overseas that rival their Japanese counterparts in minuteness. This particular one was in a showroom in Aoyama and is a Fiat. Oh and of course there is another advantage – cars smaller than a certain engine size get tax breaks and they also use up less gas which with today’s economy is definitely something worth keeping in mind.

On an unrelated subject – see the phrase “Grand Open” ? That’s a “Japanese-English” phrase which they use very often around here instead of “Grand Opening”. I guess when they took the phrase they decided to keep it short and sweet ;)

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