Saturday, January 5, 2008

Osaka Castle (大阪城天守閣)

Osaka Castle is a must see for anyone who happens to be in Osaka. It is in a park (appropriately called the Osaka Castle Park) and accessible via a few different subway stops. The castlegrounds is free to visit and there are many small food vendors around selling grilled octopus in dough or たこ焼き. Some of these vendors have little chairs for their customers to use but most have people standing around. There is also a very nice statue in the park erected by "United World Federalist of Japan, Osaka Chapter" with a quote from 1972:

A life of liberty and hope cannot be enjoyed on Earth until the world federation become a reality. That will be the day that planetary citizens closes the curtain on war and opens the door to everlasting peace. By this monument, let us all pledge a concerted effort with love and courage, so that one day the world will be one.

The castle itself is very very pretty. It is very old but unfortunately it was burnt down after a lightning strike and had to be rebuilt. I was lucky enough to catch it in the right light so the details are visible in the image. There is a time capsule close to the castle as well that was buried in 1968 to be opened 5000 years later. I have seen a lot of timecapsules but never one to be opened soo many years into the future. Unfortunately the castle itself was closed for visits that day (it was the 31st of December) and I could not go inside. Well, may be next time...

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