Thursday, January 3, 2008

Captain Line

To get from the Tempozan Village to the Universal Studios involves crossing a decent sized body of water and Captain Line is there to help. The hotel I stayed in, Hotel Seagull, had timetables but one could also just walk to the port to check at the little Captain Line hut. What's more important is the waiting lounge given that the weather tends to be chilly and windy this time of the year. The hut and the place for boarding are marked on the floor once one takes the stairs down from in front of the aquarium towards the water.

The ships themselves are pretty decent, offering both covered and open areas of seating. I have a pretty bad case of motion sickness so given that I was OK during the 10 minute trip I think says a lot about the quality of the trip. One thing to make sure is to check the schedule ahead of time at the hut - they are the most updated and the timetables elsewhere (for example the hotels) can be outdated. Oh, an interesting tidbit of information - everyone, including the captain of the ship, were ladies.

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Betty said...

Is that on purpose or a coincidence that the whole crew are ladies? :p What was their uniform?