Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Going to the doctor

Insurance comes in handy when going to the doctor's in Japan. I think there is some sort of national insurance for the citizens and foreigners like me get to have insurance through their companies.

After I got a sty in my eye, I had to visit an eye doctor. Thankfully there is at least one close by (in Kichijouji/吉祥寺) right by the train station where they speak English. Well, ok not everyone there speaks English but if there is some sort of idea they cannot express, they point to phrases on paper ;) The consultation and treatment cost me a measly $15 with the medicine costing only $6.


Betty said...

So on an average doctor's visit, how many times do they point at a phrase on the paper? :P

Ulaş said...

Well for me the number was around.. 5 I think. Mostly "sit down and wait" was pointed to :P