Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ueno Park and the beautiful flowers


While most of the cherry blossoms are gone the Ueno Park still had a few trees that had an almost full load and there were tons of people who were out for “Ohanami” (お花見) – literally flower watching. I talked about this last year when I actually had the pleasure of joining them myself at Inokashira Park. The idea is sitting under a tree and enjoying an alcoholic beverage of sorts (beer, hard lemonade, different types of sake, whatever works for you…) while watching the flower petals slowly fall all around you. In the case of these people though since most of the flowers are gone except on two trees which actually had noone under them, I think the main goal was drinking…

If you happen to go by Ueno Park you may not be able to catch much of the cherry blossoms but there is a special garden open by the shrine. There is a little entrance fee (600 yen/about 6 dollars) but it is worth it. Some of the flowers are just so pretty and hard to find outside this special garden. I am putting some of the pictures of the flowers I took below. May be they can convince you to go :)

P4110065 P4110069

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