Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A new Japanese TV Drama

紺かつ If you don’t know what a J-Drama is you might be a bit confused so let me clear that up really quick – J-Drama stands for Japanese Drama and at a given time there are many different series offered by different TV channels in Japan. They are even pretty popular abroad, though mostly in other Asian counties, and even in the US one can find fan subbed episodes of popular series.

tonkatsu Thanks to my Japanese teacher, Ms. Uchida, I heard about a new series starting yesterday and managed to catch the first episode. This particular series is called Konkatsu (婚かつ) – a mashup of [Kekkon (結婚) – marriage] and [Tonkatsu (とんかつ) – fried pork cutlets]. The main character is an unlucky young man, who after graduating from a pretty mediocre university gets fired from the job he manages to get. Even though his father owns a tonkatsu store he refuses to work there and lands a job at a small town’s town hall. His work is in a newly formed department formed as a part a national push to find ways for increasing the number of children per family. There is one catch though – during the interview, in order to get the job, he mentions that he is planning on getting married very soon himself when he does not even have a girlfriend…

The first episode yesterday was a lot of fun, even for someone not understanding most of the individual words in Japanese. It is on Fuji TV, every Monday, between 9 and 10 pm.

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