Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tokyo Disneyland (ディス二ーランド)

P9150156 After spending almost a year in Tokyo I finally managed to make my way down to Tokyo Disneyland in my first visit to any Disneyland during my 28 years on this planet and I must say it was a lot of fun (even though it was a bit cloudy)! Before going a bit deeper a quick tidbit of information about Tokyo Disneyland - it may be called "Tokyo Disneyland" but it is actually not in Tokyo. In fact, it is slightly less than an hour away from central Tokyo by train or car (well, the second obviously depends on the traffic situation). It is located in Chiba Prefecture but I suppose "Chiba Disneyland" would not be a catchy name...

  P9150193Now the rides are obviously great but I think they are pretty much the same in all Disneylands. The big ones that seem insanely popular are Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain (both roller-coasters and both pretty famous I believe), Haunted Mansion (similar to a haunted house but much MUCH tamer) and "Pooh's Honey Search/Hunt" which actually seemed to have the longest lines... Apparently Winnie the Pooh (or  Pooh-san as he is known around here) is pretty popular especially with the girls/women. Now there was one P9150203twist added however - some rides had their "Halloween Versions"  and there were so many visitors who had full costumes on (something that apparently is not normally allowed). Because of that I managed to see two "Captain Jack Sparrow"s within 5 minutes of each other - one talking in English and acting and looking like the character from Pirates of the Caribbean and the other one looking so very Japanese save for the complete make-up and outfit.

I must say however though the highlight for me was the parades... The music, the attention to detail, the dancers (who made me realize it's very interesting to see an "Asian Middle-Eastern Belly-dancer" :P) it was all great.  There were two kinds of parades each of which is repeated twice throughout the day as well as a night "Electrical Parade". People start lining up hours before them but with a little planning you can get a good seat even 5 minutes before the start of the parade ;) Well, here is a couple snapshots of the different parades for you. There is another Disney Resort right next to this one called "Disney Sea" which I hope to visit soon though how soon I am not sure yet...

P9150184 P9150216

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