Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google Map-ifying Posts

From now on I will be using my new toy when posting - the little Sony GPS locator that I will use for GEO tagging the images. That way, if you want to visit the same place as I did, you can just use Google maps.

Well, consider this one a trial :)

The image comes from the Immigration Bureau in Tachikawa (立川) that I went to yesterday for extending my visa. It is much less crowded than the alternative in Shinagawa (品川) though it still took me about an hour or so. Getting there is simple - just take Chuo Line (中央線). From Mitaka (三鷹) it's about 20-25 mins. Then, just take the bus from bus stop 12 at the station. They have notices in English (and Chinese, among others) at the stop and in the bus when it is at the right stop (oh and it keeps reminding us "foreigners" about having change ready :P).

Update: I will be using Microsoft Live instead for mapping so I took out the ever refreshing Google Map. Much cleaner ;)

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