Monday, September 22, 2008

Press Button for Service

P1040083 See it only makes sense right ? If you are in a pretty big restaurant and there are only a few waiters, you need to be really lucky or get really loud in order to get the attention of the wait-staff. In Japan, where they seem to favor minimizing the overhead of waiters/waitresses, the customers are given a better option (at least in certain restaurants) - press a button and a little bell goes off in the front with an indication of which table pressed it. It's a win-win: The restaurant owner gets to minimize the staff cost and the customer does not have to wait half an hour to get a glass of water :)

This particular one is from a soba restaurant in Roppongi/六本木 which also offers an English menu. I guess that explains the extra English directions on the "button". Be warned though - as I must have mentioned earlier, the fact that there is some sort of sign in English displayed in a store says nothing about whether or not the people who work there can speak a word of the language.

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