Saturday, March 22, 2008

Futsal on the 8th floor

I was at Tama Center (多摩センタ) today with my colleagues from Secom for an I.S. Lab-wide Futsal tournament (Futsal roughly means in-door soccer...). The whole experience was a lot of fun and it gave me a chance to see how everyone in the lab fares on the soccer field ;)

Getting to the Tama Center Futsal-Stage (as it is officially called) took a while because of traffic. But thanks to Kota I didn't have to take the train at least. It would have meant taking a bus to the train station followed by the train trip which probably would have taken at least the same amount of time but not as comfy as going by car. Once we got there it was on to searching for the actual "Futsal-Stage". I was frankly expecting a one or two storey building at most but it turns out it is in this glass office building...

The eigth floor of the office building, as it turns out, contains 4 indoor soccer arenas. How did it go for me? Well, I will just say that my team won the first game. The remaining games are not important :P

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