Saturday, March 8, 2008

"Cherry Blossoms" (桜)approaching

Watching cherry blossoms is one of the traditional things one can do in Japan. The practice of going and having a meal under the blossoms is so common that the government announces every year when the cherry blossoms will open in different parts of the country since the temperature variations through the year can change when that happens. I must say I am looking forward to my first meal under the blossoms - not only because it will be a beautiful sight to observe but also because I would be participating in an activity which dates back quite a few years and is shared by the Japanese populous in general. In fact, because of its popularity now that there are only about 10-15 days until we see the cherry blossoms in Tokyo every store started offering Cherry Blossom-themed items ranging from sushi to desserts... I will make sure to post pictures once it happens but for now this will be the first post without a picture ;)

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