Monday, February 8, 2010

A Stroll Through Jindai Botanical Gardens

Sorry for the delay. I usually try to update this once every few days but I bought a new camera (Canon EOS 7D bringing me to the wonderful world of dSLRs finally) and I was using my free time to try to get to know it a little bit better. It is an amazing camera (if I might say so myself) and I don’t think I even scratched the surface but I decided the best way to learn is by doing. So I picked up my camera, put on a polarizing filter, and made my way to the Jindai Botanical Gardens which happen to be pretty close to where I live.

Getting in costs 500 Yen per person and inside you find a nice, serene park complete with a greenhouse and a little pond. If you happen to be by the Jindaiji Temple, this is just a 2 minute walk from there. I also had the chance to try out some delicious handmade soba which the place is famous for. Anyway, here are some of the pictures I took :)

jindaiji-8 There weren’t too many flowers outside this being winter and all but these ones caught my eye.

jindaiji-10 The small lake in the gardens. I am pretty sure it looks even more amazing in the spring and especially during the cherry blossom season.

jindaiji-17 A water lily from inside the greenhouse.

jindaiji-31 Handmade soba (Japanese buckwheat noodles) with Tempura served outside next to the fire to keep the customers warm.

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