Sunday, June 14, 2009

A box of cherries for $150 – You can get it in Japan!


Fruits (just like vegetables) are very popular in Japan and the Japanese public enjoy having choices in their fruits, in the same vein as pretty much any other consumer item out there (for example Sony PSP comes in 7 different colors here for that very reason). This means apart from the run of the mill fruits one can find at a supermarket, there are "higher quality” fruits available at specialist stores with prices easily topping $100 for a box.  Of course given this price point, it is easy to see how these particular fruits can be used as a present. One of these specialist stores is Nakano and I visited their location in Shinjuku close to the train station(They also have smaller stores throughout Tokyo though not all carry these fruits, with some focusing on desserts).


Cherries seem to be particularly popular, as a gift, with the Japanese. The boxes here each contain 40 “specially selected” cherries and they can cost anywhere between $100 and $150 depending on the type and quality of the fruits. Other fruits such as guavas and peaches are popular as well and are available in their own packages or in combination with other fruits. They also sell fruit jams and fruit juice made from these fruits as well and some of the combo sets include these. The same store also sells champagnes for making custom gift combinations with prices reaching $500 and up.

It is definitely an interesting place to visit and with the fruit juice bottles costing around $10 one can try them out for a reasonable price. Oh and don’t worry about the weight – they take care of shipping for you on heavier sets.


Hideki said...

You may sometimes see news about cherries got stolen from a farm :P

Ulaş said...

Haha... That does not surprise me :)

I heard the first melon of the season from Hokkaido sometimes can go upwards of $10,000! Now that's some serious cash...

Chih-yu said...

those cherries are HUGE!!!!! and each of them looks so juicy and beautiful - now I understand why they are so costly. :)

the cherries I can find in Boston are barely passable, but given the price, I shouldn't complain... :p

Ulaş said...

Our newest intern (from MIT ;)) seems to think the fruit prices are ridiculous here in general - compared to the US so you really should not complain :P