Sunday, June 21, 2009

20 meter tall robot in Tokyo


The love of the Japanese people for robots is a pretty well known phenomenon and it is easy to see artifacts of this all around Tokyo but this latest happening pretty much takes the cake…

There is now a “life-size”, that is about 20 meter/66 feet tall, model of a “Gundam” robot in Odaiba. It looks like it is not completed yet with the workers still on site and in fact you can see one of those workers in this picture on the bottom right corner so you can get a better idea. At night they also turn on the lights on the robot and it can also move its head. All in all, pretty impressive I would say. I unfortunately did not get the chance to look at it at night or walk right up to it because of the construction but I am hoping I will get to do both before they move the robot – I heard it will not stay in that spot forever. That gets me thinking – where are they going to move it to afterwards?


Betty said...

The statue also shoots mist from 14 points on its body, in addition to the lights. It looks really amazing with lights. Hope you get a chance to check it out after dark.
The statue is supposed to be completed by July and stay in Odaiba for 2 months, before disassembly and moved elsewhere. More details here:

Ulaş said...

Ah that's definitely good news :) Thanks for the info!