Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Traveling to Seoul from Tokyo


Gimpo Airport - Seoul - Panorama

Let's start nice and easy with the travel shall we?

The main international gateway to Tokyo is Narita Airport (成田空港) - the (relatively) new and huge airport which also happens to be quite far from the city and is in general more expensive for the airlines to land at. However, there is a smaller, older alternative that is mainly used for local flights which used to be the only airport in Tokyo - Haneda Airport (羽田空港). Haneda still has a small international section used by a few airlines - one of which is Korean Air. Korean Air flies from Haneda to Seoul's Gimpo Airport.

Now here is another interesting tidbit - Gimpo Airport is similar to Haneda in a lot of ways. Just like Haneda, Gimpo is the smaller of two airports in the city (Incheon being the larger one I believe) which makes the trip cheaper - especially in the winter season when Seoul seems to be in a perpetually frozen state but I am getting ahead of myself... The trip takes about two hours one way and an hour and a half the other way because of tail-wind issues.

Anywho, it is once again getting late so I will end this one here. I made the panorama above at Gimpo. It is a pretty nice airport actually and has a small mall in there selling bags, shoes, electronics, anything you can find in a typical mall. Oh and there is a movie theater in there too which I thought was a brilliant idea. People always have a few hours to spend at the airport and instead of cutting it close why not get to airport a little earlier and catch a movie ?

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