Friday, January 30, 2009

Send your mail from a vending machine?


I saw this red guy at a subway station in Seoul. It caught me by surprise I must say – after all I have never seen anything like this in Japan yet. This vending machine type of deal lets you mail letters and even packages by buying postage right then and there. This is different than one of those stamp dispensing machines by the way – you don’t need to get a set of stamps and then lick/stick a stamp yourself. You use this handy touch screen menu to choose what you are sending and the machine tells you how much you need to put in. As you can see below it even has an English menu – convenient? I would like to think so. Of course one can argue that such a contraption is unnecessary in Japan where there is a post office ever few hundred meters (at least it seems that way in Tokyo.)


The English is pretty good too save for the title which seems to be a little… mixed up… Ah, scratch that – it looks like they wanted to keep the acronym “PASS” though it is a bit forced, no?


Chih-yu said...

I guess this is like the USPS automated postal center, but more pervasive? :)

Ulaş said...

Ah, nice find :) But I think the target is different. The USPS machine seems to be at post offices while this thing was at a train station :P Come to think of it I don't know exactly how pervasive it is and it would be really funny if it was just at that one station in Seoul but I don't think that's the case :)