Tuesday, December 30, 2008

There is a new Street Fighter movie?

So watch the trailer and check out the official site first:

OK... A couple of questions:

  • Why is the lady who is supposed to be Chun-Li not even Asian? Doesn't that violate some fundamental law of physics or something?
  • Why is the official site and the trailer in Japanese when the movie is clearly full of westerners and is completely in English?
  • If the lady is supposed to be merely "channeling" Chun-Li how are other Street Fighter characters like Balrog and Vega seemingly in the movie?

And last but not least... Did CAPCOM learn nothing of their last foray into trying to make a Street Fighter movie? Does anyone remember that catastrophe of a film?

I am so hoping this is some bad joke but with the SF4 logo... I don't know...


Betty said...

Nope, sorry, not a bad joke. I found the movie on IMDB. It's to be released Feb 27 in US, same as Japan, though it doesn't seem to be getting good press. And now to answer your other questions: ;)

The actress playing Chun-Li (Kristen Kreuk) is half-chinese from her mom side. She might look familiar from Smallville where she plays Lana Lang. She's from Vancouver;) and went to a high school really close to mine. In fact, I have some friends who went there at the same time she did, and our 2 schools were often competing against each other in math/science competitions. She obviously wasn't competing in those.:P

I couldn't find an English site for the movie but an English version of the trailer was released shortly after the Japanese one.

Where did you get the idea that she's only "channeling" Chun-Li? The movie is supposed to be about the origins of Chun-Li. It seems like only the big bosses (Balrog, Vega, Bison) are in it and none of the other characters. E.g. Ryu and Ken are definitely not in it. :(

Ulaş said...

Oh, that's Lana Lang? She did not look like Lana though that explains why I thought she looked familiar...

I guessed may she was not Chun-Li based on, well, the fact that she is not looking anything like Chun-Li :P This is worse casting than for the Dragonball movie where Goku is a white guy...

Betty said...

No no, Kristen Kreuk is definitely playing Chun Li. Some guy is keeping a blog on the filming of the movie and he reported so. ;) Plus IMDB says the same thing. Supposedly, they made some modifications to costumes to make it "more realistic". Like Balrog doesn't fight in boxers with boxing gloves, he just looks intimidating like a bouncer/military type. But Vegas keeps his mask and claw, and that may be about it.

Yeah, it is horrible casting I agree. And I can't stop seeing Chun Li as Lana Lang. :P