Monday, December 1, 2008

The new mural at Shibuya Station gets a lot of attention

If you happened to go through Shibuya Station (渋谷駅) these days, you have no doubt seen the new mural that has been put in place. Even if you have not recognized the fact that they painted the whole wall you might have noticed people stopping by to take pictures and the guards guarding the mural. Well, this new mural was apparently painted by a very famous Japanese painter and it depicts the atomic bombing of Hiroshima (I was able to guess the theme by myself though I had no idea it was painted by a famous painter or that it was an original prepared by hand and not a replica printed with a printer)...

UPDATE: The artist's name is Taro Okamoto. Thanks for the info, Kota! :)


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Kota said...

His name is Taro Okamoto. He is very famous artist.ō_Okamoto