Sunday, September 16, 2007

Brushing up on my Japanese

While waiting for the visa stuff to sort themselves out I have been brushing up on my Japanese. I took Japanese for a year and a half at Carnegie Mellon but that was more than two years ago so I do not remember nearly as much stuff as I would like. I have been looking at my copy of Let's Learn Japanese. It's a pretty old series - I think it's from the 80s based on the little skits where they show this clueless Canadian guy, Yan, coming to work in Japan. I think it's pretty useful for anyone who may not have had any instruction in Japanese as well. You can even find videos of the complete episodes by simply searching online -

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Betty said...

Yep, the 1st series was created in 1984-85 and the 2nd in 1995. There's actually a 3rd series being created this year but it's a completely different story. I found this program that teaches hiragana and katakana - - that looks pretty interesting.