Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trip to Kawagoe

IMG_1467-1 Over the course of the Golden Week, which unfortunately ends today, I got the chance to visit quite a few different places and try a few things I had not had a chance to try before. I think I should thank Derek for his visit that gave me a reason to go around each day instead of staying in.

Kawagoe is one of the places I had not had a chance to visit before. It is actually pretty close to Tokyo – about 30-40 minutes from Shinjuku but it offers a pretty different scenery, a famous temple with a beautiful garden and 500+ unique statues, an ancient bell tower and a “sweets street”. It is also famous for sweet potatoes. I highly recommend taking a day trip out there if you live in Tokyo – it’s definitely worth it!

You can see the images I snapped here.

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